Simon Örnberg (1985) – Industrial Designer MA

I’m specialized in the design of products and structures for the urban environment, but I also work in various other fields of design, art and architecture.


2017 Eco-effective terrace competition – shared 1st prize (project lead @WSP)
2016 Independent Finland 100 Years coin competition – 1st prize
2016 Wirkkala Bryk international concept competition – shared 1st prize
2016 Luminord – Nordic Luminaire Design competition – STEK award (project lead @WSP)
2016 Vantaa Hiekkaharju water tower – 1st prize (project lead @WSP)
2016 Senaatti Valossa, lighting design competition – honorable mention (team member @WSP)
2014 The Metex Foundation award (Master of Arts -thesis)
2013 The Department of Design Scholarship from Aalto University
2011 Penttilänranta pedestrian bridge, invitational competition – 2nd prize (team member @WSP)
2011 Keimola Observation tower, invitational competition – 1st prize (team member @WSP)
2010 Da Nang bridge, Vietnam, bridge design competition – shared 1st prize (team member @WSP)